Lockups in Microsoft Word on Mac OS X

Talk about PAIN! I am in the middle of trying to write a white paper. And I know that this is going to be the single best white paper anyone has ever read. Or at least that is what I

Way back in 2014, Microsoft offered MCMs (Microsoft Certified Masters) a discount to attend the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) in Austin, Texas. In exchange for the discount, we had staff badges and we assisted at certain events. We were also

I typically do not put personal posts on this site, but in this case I felt compelled. Yesterday I found out that a former coworker was fired. I happen to like this woman very much and consider her to be

sIDHistory is a great tool to help support migrations, but it is not perfect. The most complex issue that can be exposed by using sIDHistory is exceeding the maximum token size. This is not well documented, and many companies struggle

A security identifier or SID is a value used by Active Directory to identify a trustee – examples include a user or group in Active Directory. Each trustee is issued a unique SID by the Active Directory domain where the user

A little bit ago I was notified by a few individuals via email and twitter that my blog site (this site) was down. I attempted to identify the issues with the site and ultimately decided to simply revert to a